BHARATA 600 BC (Board Game)
BHARATA 600 BC (Board Game)
Board game components and board setup of Bharata 600 BC
Board map with wooden components, tokens, and cards during a game in progress of Bharata 600 BC
Game board section with coins, pawns, tokens, and cards from the board game Bharata 600 BC
Nine playing cards from the Ability Cards deck of the board game Bharata 600 BC
The Event tokens box with tokens and samples of Event cards and Ability cards from the board game Bharata 600 BC
Young woman player holding two playing cards above her player tracker while playing the board game Bharata 600 BC

BHARATA 600 BC (Board Game)

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BHARATA 600 BC is an epic strategy board game set in the ancient Indian subcontinent. Historically accurate, it offers an immersive experience into the era of the 16 Mahajanapadas (Great Kingdoms). Players assume the role of various Mahajanapada rulers. They will strategically and tactically build and lead their armies, manage their resources, explore new lands, and expand their kingdoms. At the same time, they must protect their territories from rivals, natural disasters, and social disruptions.

BESTSELLER: BHARATA 600 BC is making history with the most sold copies of an Indian modern board game ever! And with good reason:

CONSISTENT HIGH RATINGS: consistent high customer ratings across all independent selling platforms on all parameters:

  • impeccable production quality with premium build, look & feel
  • largest-sized Indian game board to date
  • 550+ components with 64 handmade artisanal wood pieces 
  • immersive and well-researched ancient Indian history theme
  • engaging gameplay that is highly inclusive to all genders, diverse age groups, play styles, and difficulty levels

HIGHLY PRAISED: praised by customers, media, and critics alike, both in India and internationally, it is often called a ‘work of art’ by some of the top international board game designers. 

OVERVIEW: It includes 2 game versions: Basic and Advanced, each with separate components; 2-4 extendable to 8 players; Ages: teens 14+ years (boys and girls) and Adults, with customers reporting good playability for kids of age 11+ and sometimes 8+; Duration: 30-60 minutes (Basic), 60-90+ minutes (Advanced).

BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK AND DESIGN: experience art through a game. With a stunning map of ancient India, artistic illustrations, and a gold foil cover, customers often regard it as an art showpiece and as a game with an impressive table presence.

HIGH REPLAYABILITY: with variable player powers and changing dynamics in area movement and control as well as resource management, it offers unlimited hours of playtime.

ECO-FRIENDLY, 100% MADE IN INDIA: Local, sustainable, and eco-friendly, with original Channapatna handcrafted wooden components, dyed with natural, non-toxic colors. 

BEST FOR GIFTING: An extremely well-crafted premium game that you can gift to your loved ones or yourself on any occasion. Great as a family activity or a fun time connecting with friends.