GoIndia Games is a game design and publishing company based in Bangalore, India. We create and publish high-concept board games.

Each one of our board games takes 23 years from idea to launch. We put an enormous effort at every level, from concept and design, to testing and manufacturing, so that our players get the best possible board game experience.

Are we different? We focus on creating games that give players great control over their fate. We believe in the co-existence of different play styles within the same player or around the same table. This is why our games are designed to accomodate a larger variety of play styles, strategies, or approaches than usual. Allowing players to opt-in or out of a play style or strategy increases the dynamics of the gameplay and the need to adapt and evolve along with it. This is what makes our games exciting and immersive.    

Why do we do it? We make board games because we believe in the power of games bringing people together. Playing a good board game is a starter for great conversations, laughter, and building meaningful connections and long-lasting memories. We would like to make people happier and more connected to themselves and their loved ones.

100% made in India? All our products are 100% locally made, in India. We use eco-friendly game materials, such as original Channapatna handcrafted wooden components, dyed with natural colors. We stay away from plastic as much as possible. We truly love our planet beyond the usual 'talk' about it. We do our best to be local, eco-friendly, sustainable, and recyclable. If you feel that we can do better on this (or anything else) drop us a note and let's start a conversation! We are always open to ideas! 



Round design element in the shape of a coin green in color layered with a small elephant and the logotype GoIndia Games in an arch on top of it